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About Us

For years Missions In Action has pursued humanitarian and Christian projects throughout the whole world, with special emphasis on India. Although India is a progressive country, its society is divided, with a large part of the population living in extreme poverty and conditions most of us could not even imagine. Children grow up without parents and without access to education. Disease and starvation are common images we cannot turn away from. The work of Mission In Action offers hope in hopeless times for all those we can reach. We are driven by charity, hoping to help these people permanently. We have founded several children homes in India, giving a loving home to approximately 400 children so far. We provide daily meals to slum children and drinking water to people living in areas affected by drought. We run hospitals and provide basic medical care. In our schools we offer basic education and vocational training to the needy. We finance and run all these programs with donations. Many Pastors and social workers are in the service of Mission In Action, as well as countless volunteers who make this Ministry possible. You, too, can become a part of Mission In Action. Any donation is greatly appreciated. Together we can make a difference.